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The application of inorganic and waterproof coating
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  While organic and waterproof coating develops, inorganic and waterproof coating also is developing ceaselessly. Current, inorganic and waterproof coating is becoming the heat of a research, inorganic and waterproof coating not only the price is low, and extremelying He Gong is killed, it is one of stresses that 21 centuries environmental protection material develops. Inorganic and waterproof coating basically divides coating to enclothe waterproof and permeate crystallization waterproof coating two kinds.

   Coating enclothes waterproof coating to be cement radical commonly farinaceous and waterproof coating, have water strong performance, if ensure when (COPROX) , waterproof treasure, M1500, HM1500, TM1500. When ensuring, the waterproof mechanism of waterproof treasure is it is main felt material with cement, among them wait to fall in the action of activator into constituent of water of film, abhor, with cement together, form the film with compact structure in matrix surface jointly, close exterior break, hole, jam thereby the passageway of water; And, waterproof oneself place has some abhor water character, can increase the exterior pulling force of new student surface greatly, reduce the embellish wet capacity of water, increase the water proofing property that handles the appearance thereby. This kind of waterproof is cold construction, not tall to construction area demand, want the surface to not have only smeary, stick sticking dust, inattentive thing can, construction of wet tool reference plane, the surface is sufficient and wet, the coating after working otherwise will pulverization or fall off. This kind of waterproof is avirulent insipidity, have certain alkali resistance, ageing resistance can, because this is in,a lot of labour get applied in Cheng. But this kind of waterproof is confined to finishing, with reactivity behavior is not had between matrix, form the velar layer of abhor water in the surface only, because of this pair of matrix repair enhance action weaker, the blemish of in-house to concrete existence is helpless, hard take radical measures of unoccupied place to a few communicating pore, interstitial take temporary solution, coating can be fathered to affect impervious performance again by injury; And, because this kind of waterproof closed matrix surface, jamming the passageway of water while, also block up of vapor through. Pass when the amount of water contained in building wall body big and vapor cannot when transgression, the water content that will still cause concrete is exorbitant, destroy the internal composition of the building. Accordingly, on the foundation that in inorganic tigidity waterproof coating studies, appeared osmotic to matrix good, the osmosis of respond active crystallization waterproof coating.

The product such as M1500, HM1500, TM1500 all is it is carrier by silicate of inorganic ability in swimming (it is water glass more) , deserve to wait with right amount activator, dispersive agent, auxiliary and water compound and become colorless translucent liquid, have taller osmotic, direct spray builds substance appearance at cement mortar, concrete, can rapid infiltration is in-house, the Ca(OH)2 that with cement to hydrate produces reacts, generate not dissolve at water and the silicate that has particular strength, jam thereby in-house hole, close wool stoma passageway, increase the impervious capacity of concrete. The characteristic of this kind of material is effect of one-time waterproof impervious very good, but do not have from repair sex, once concrete appears again interstitial, can produce leakage again.
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