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Polypropylene fibber of high polymer polyethylene is waterproof a current situat
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Building waterproof already had 110 old histories since petroleum pitch asphalt felt, can offer on nowadays world those who choose is waterproof roll material product already differentiated a few categories: Mill of ⒑ of copy of Yu of crack with teeth in mouth of で of male another name for Guangdong Province of swollen carbuncle of Le of sieve of mill of thin ⒑ of chirp camel of で of earth of セ   sifts copy of  of Le swollen leisurely:  of swollen leisurely of mill sieve Le is troubled by apricot location to treat narrow of ⑺ of body of  a mythical bird like the phoenix ancienting name for a water catltrop to chew Bo  location to treat   to call out the He of Bei Jing graph that chant to chew < of yo M ǔ to chant  of meet with  to brag Mao of a kind of net used for fishing or for dredging up river sludge that chant hangs Yue establish in all Hui of alkyne of Kang of  of herd gorge appraise. Be in already a material surface of construction again when construction concrete structure more difficult.

For the stability of waterproof engineering construction, need is waterproof a surface of material can as direct as cement material agglutinate, acquire the stable waterproof structure of facilitating construction. The polyethylene polypropylene fibber that the surface adds coarse is double-faced and compound waterproof a material. Already was up to now in project of building, irrigation works, chemical industry, environmental protection wide application, year applied quantity is in above of 3 million square metre, achieved favorable project application result. Polyethylene polypropylene fibber is double-faced and compound waterproof the integrated technology economic performance with a good material, have not at other waterproof the distinctive function of a material, those who make make new generation waterproof a material, make the one new contribution that builds waterproof.

   Polyethylene polypropylene fibber is double-faced and compound waterproof a material (abbreviation Yi Bingfu combines a material)It is a kind of structure brand-new, multipurpose, integrated specifications is good waterproof prevent ooze special material. Yi Bingfu adds up to a material product to be with its and cement material in solidify process direct agglutinate, in the building exterior moisture content is as high as circumstance of 50 % above to fall all can construction and can assure construction quality, reach construction is handy wait for a characteristic, overcame other waterproof a material the defect that is less than construction of the ability below 9 % circumstance in building appearance moisture content only, in waterproof a material new one page is written down on construction history.

This product already applied 10 years of above in the of all kinds and waterproof project that prevent ooze, apply 3, 600 much square metre, quality trace of 12 years proves, yi Bingfu adds up to a material product waterproof properties reliable, application is wide.
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