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Polyester project fiber
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  Polyester project fiberIt is to be what bitumen concrete research and development produces to fight only crack enhance new material, it is to use 100% polyester to synthesize material, via the bunchy synthetic fibre that distinctive technology is machined and becomes, have strength tall, anti-corrosive, high temperature resistant, chemical stability is strong, grasp with bitumen wrap force to wait for an advantage by force, in joining bitumen concrete, what can form the fiber monofilament with huge amount via agitate is stereo distributing, rise to add the effect that muscle and bridge receive, improve the mechanical performance of bitumen compound effectively, prevent the craze of bitumen concrete.

   Performance data:

   (1) fiber type: Bunchy monofilament

Color: White equivalent diameter: 20 (± 5) Um

Density: 1.36-1.4g/m3

Grow metric division: ± of 6mm, 12mm(1)

Melting point: 250 ℃ of ≥

Ignition point: Make an appointment with 554 ℃

Rupture percentage elongation: ≥ 15%

Tensile strength: ≥ 500MPa

Curly sex: Without fight ageing sex: Actor

Contain activation substance: 0.3%

Security: Avirulent, without stimulation

Times long rate: ≤ 1%

Hear resistance: 2 hours of conditions issue 210 ℃ , bulk notes steadily: The product; that can ask to produce diameter of different intensity, equivalent and length norms according to the client

  (2) main function: The fatigue resistance that the high temperature stability that improves bitumen concrete improves the microtherm crack resistance of bitumen concrete to improve bitumen concrete can the water stability that can improve bitumen concrete apparently, fight flake quality, wearability and wear, effective resistance reflexes interstitial generation, thereby greatly the quality that improves road surface, the service life that prolongs road surface can heighten tension effectively, fight pressure, fight cut and fight domain of impact strength application:

◇ builds facing of bitumen Concrete Pavement

Concrete Pavement of ◇ old bitumen overspreads a face (black)

Concrete Pavement of ◇ old cement overspreads a face (Bai Hei)

The blemish of ◇ road surface is repaired, cold fill, fill is seamed

Shop of bridge of ◇ steel structure installs bitumen facing

◇ airport runway, bridge floor is waterproof a quantity of mix into of service instruction proposal: According to the size of traffic discharge, suggest fibrous mix into increases an amount (it is with compound of every tons of bitumen fiducial)

  (3) packs basically: 2.5kg/ bag, 30kg/ bag (can ask to provide the optimal specification that pack according to the client) . Use at advanced course highway to be used at bridge floor to spread

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