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Roll material is waterproof the characteristic of the layer
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  1. Synthetic high polymer coils in material with vulcanization model for the delegate, ability of film of oak of third of 3 yuan of second and chloridize polyethylene balata confuse a capable person in all, because molecular structure is stable, be able to bear or endure await a gender particularly exceedingly good, be able to bear or endure ozone, ultraviolet ray is good, be able to bear or endure sex of high low temperature, be able to bear or endure puncture sex is good, applicable and extensive, But because synthesize high polymer to coil,material element structure is stabilized, as poor as force of more binder felt, all use solvent sex binder at present. When construction, ask a material face is clean, dry, agglutinate of the ability after the dissolvent in binder volatilizes should be waited for when agglutinate, go against felt too prematurely, late, because this also asks binder besmears,brush even, and solvent brandish give back and air temperature, humidity, wind-force is concerned, basically rely on experience operation, often produce juncture mouth consequently slack and cause comprehensive leakage. And solvent binder is to rely on felt force to connect two capable person together, when pulling force is more than felt force, build receive can leave seam, cause leakage instantly. Already developed juncture to stick at present receive adhesive plaster (double-faced adhesive plaster) with heal adhesive plaster () of bosseyed adhesive plaster, it changed the past to stick receive build received mechanism, use the mechanism of sealed felt, sealed adhesive plaster is used in two material face, it is OK and slip, dan Yongyuan is sealed, and first agglutinant good, craft is handy, waterproof and reliable, use seal of bosseyed adhesive plaster plus juncture mouth upside, raise waterproof reliability greatly.

   2. By afore-mentioned two kinds coil of material derive have blame vulcanization 3 yuan of Yi Bingjuan material, it although felt is easier, but later period systole is big, wear drops. The breed of chloridize polyethylene is more, chloridize polyethylene coils polyethylene of material, chloridize is rubber-plastic confuse a capable person in all, increase model (carcass of cloth of case of Bo fibre web) chloridize polyethylene coils material. But function has actor drawback each, but total performance all coils than on two kinds capable person is poor. Part of composition of ability of second birth film is complex, better material of 3 yuan of Ding Juan, butyl film ability waits.

   3. PVC(pvc) roll material belongs to colophony model (plastic) , its intensity is high, outspread rate is old also, but felt performance is poorer, all adopt soldering method so, raised PVC to coil greatly material waterproof dependability.

   4. Stick a material to press oneself from character sticking gum cent is synthetic high polymer to stick a material and polymer modified bitumen to stick a material oneself oneself, by have differentiate without carcass to have embryo and without the embryo, can divide the film that it is PE, high polymer to coil again by facing bitumen of modified of material, polymer coils material (coil in high polymer namely material and modified bitumen coil the apply below material sticks glue one layer to become oneself stick a material) oneself.
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