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The breed of waterproof is phyletic
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At present breed of our country waterproof amounts to hundreds kinds, really multifarious, make you dazzling, anthology rise not know what to do. Such OK saying, some breed our country on the world have, the encyclopedia that is volume variety. Breed became much can have choose leeway adequately, but also take a lot of meter of adverse factors:

1. The architect that makes waterproof design is impossible, also make the physical function that masters it one by one to hundreds kinds of waterproof and applied limits and construction operation feasibility hard. Cannot master can misunderstand, create a design unreasonable.

2. Various waterproof breed, construction jockey the law is differ, use tool has not. Quality of culture of personnel of construction of our country nowadays is low, construction of new machines and tools won't or not familiar, although the small number of people is endured short-term groom, also be to know fur only, construction quality assures hard.

3. Our country prevents water construction team, main is to come loose help guerrilla. One kind is 78 people " eat fly feed " guerrilla, catch a project to be made fly, manufacture in a rough way, jerry, careless prevaricate, won't do also do not attend groom, it is utterly ignorant more to numerous waterproof. Another kind is to contract waterproof construction person, polished rod manager, after catching a project, search again " stream civilian " , give out to be fired, far from its undertake grooming with rise, also do not purchase advanced construction tool, master harder to multifarious waterproof.

4. Waterproof breed is much, quality detects complex. A variety of waterproof do not know how to detect now, do not know to use what method and what instrument to detect, evaluate stand or fall of discretion of this kind of waterproof very hard, hard make a final decision of the person that choose.

5. Breed is various, check debit law is differ, examination construction quality does not have a standard, difficulty is great.

6. New development breed of a waterproof, the person that should obtain square field surface is approbated, want arduous, take time. Should let broad user approbate especially, put a person's mind to use, need more talking around and example, because this is waterproof new breed to open market, time should grow, expenditure wants much.

Ensure waterproof project quality, lengthen waterproof fast fixed number of year, material of do one's best is qualitative excellent, and do not ask pattern is various. The waterproof of Russia 90% those who use is asphalt felt, they use Syria of high grade Ma hoof fat 4 felt 5 oily course of action, total ply makes an appointment with 25 millimeter. Also do not freeze in Shi Mati fat of one 20 ℃ so, and asphalt felt softness is not fragile. Although American waterproof manufacturer has more than 30 only, but facility is complete scale is large, and our country has 2000 about, and did not form dimensions. It is the manufacturer home of mill type for the most part, little, quality needs crop. Still adding waterproof variety now, many waterproof breed are the brand differs only, function does not have special place, increase many troubles to design construction in vain. For example polyurethane coating and acrylic coating, itself is the waterproof that has special function, but somebody is extortionary waterproof consummate coils material, lose the sense of waterproof thereby, be necessary?
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