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How do building waterproof project undertake classified
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Build the classification of waterproof project. The material property that can use fortify according to the method of the place of fortify, fortify, place and breed undertake classified.

   1, the place that presses fortify undertakes classified

By build (compose) the main place of water of occurrence leakage of the project that build thing can differentiate for: Roofing waterproof, underground is waterproof, indoor between lavatory bath waterproof, outside metope is waterproof and special build (compose) build content and position waterproof.

1) roofing is waterproof

2) railroad of F of channel of canal of subterranean waterproof basement, underground, ground, channel, underground proposes form) those who build thing is waterproof

3) indoor lavatory bath puts in J 's charge waterproof toilet, bathroom, wash bathroom, clean air, boiled water and floor, ground, conduit those who wait is waterproof; 4) outside metope is waterproof outside the wall establishs face, bedcover, board seam, what wait by the side of bottom of window edge, windowsill, bridge, column is waterproof;

5) special build (compose) build content and position waterproof like oilcan of hall of cistern, water tower, indoor swimming-pool, fountain, the four seasons, indoor garden, lay aside, lay aside oily pool those who wait is waterproof.

   2, by did not prevent methodological classification

Press fortify method classification, can divide for compound and waterproof with construction from waterproof.

1) compound and waterproof use all sorts of waterproof to undertake waterproof (compound and waterproof) be a kind of new-style and waterproof practice? In fortify the waterproof that uses a variety of different property, benefit provides some holding severally, compound in waterproof project use, produce the advantage of all sorts of waterproof. In order to rise waterproof go up the integral function of Cheng, accomplish " just bought couple, much talk fortify, administer integratedly " . If be in node place, the general waterproof that the waterproof of each different and bedding face accumulate usable and sealed material or function cooperates to use, form compound and waterproof

2) tectonic from waterproof use, shape form or method undertake construction from waterproof or combinative catchment undertakes waterproof. The wall fills inside the double deck side wall that uses to avoid water of side wall ooze like subway station (compensate contractive and waterproof ferroconcrete) , what produce crackle to avoid roof construction and install is revulsive seam and hind irrigate belt, force to solve subway structure former Y7 and in.

   3, classify by fortify material function

The function that presses fortify material undertakes classified, can divide for tigidity waterproof and flexible and waterproof.

1) rigid and waterproof tigidity is waterproof it is to show the oar that use element, grout is mixed add waterproof agent waterproof mortar, water does not leak waterproof layer of composition. It is to use press even, close-grained element ash and cement mortar statified and alternant construction, in order to form a whole waterproof layer. Because be alternate with is wiped,press, za Daoxiang each other makes up for the Mao Xi of each remain, thereby block the passageway of leakage water, because this has higher impervious capacity.
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