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What is earthy labor cloth
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Earth is versed in cloth calls earth labour fabric again, it is the water penetration ground that pass pinprick by synthetic fibre or be braided and becomes labour synthesizes material. Finished product is cloth shape, general width is 4-6 rice, length is 50-100 rice. Cent of earthy labor cloth spins earth to be versed in cloth is mixed to have without cloth of the labour that spin earth. Labour cloth has earth to filter outstandingly, safety action of segregation, consolidate, tensile strength is tall, osmotic good, high temperature resistant, fight refrigerant, be able to bear or endure ageing, anti-corrosive.

   Without cloth of the labour that spin earth:

Having cloth of the labour that spin earth is the equipment that differs by filament or short staple course and reticulate of craft put in order, in the course the craft such as pinprick makes different fiber mutual interweave together, mutual and intricate solid is worn make fabric normalization, let fabric softness, plump, thick, endure with all one's might, satisfy use requirement in order to achieve different ply, have very good fabric space without cloth of the labour that spin earth, have adhere to very well from, because fiber softness is had,fight certainly tear off ability to be had at the same time be out of shape very well get used to ability, have very good planar catchment capacity at the same time, exterior softness much space has the adherent capacity that very good coefficient of friction can increase earthy bead to wait, can pass the prediction of a person's luck in a given year that prevented grain thing in order to prevent petty grain to remove redundant moisture at the same time, the surface is loose have very good protection capacity. According to using filar length cent is filament not to have cloth of the labour that spin earth or short silk not to have cloth of the labour that spin earth. They can rise to filter very well, segregation, add muscle, defend wait for effect, it is the data of earthy labor synthesis with a kind of extensive application. The short silk of tensile strength prep above of filament, can choose to use according to specific requirement.

   Have cloth of the labour that spin earth (cloth of labor of the land that add muscle) :

Having cloth of the labour that spin earth is by at least two groups of parallel yarn (or flat silk) composition, of loom of a group of edges vertical (the direction that fabric advances) weigh warp, another group transverse decorate call weft. Braid equipment and craft to interweave warp and weft together to weave cloth shape with different work out, can braid different ply and packing according to different scope of application, have cloth of the labour that spin earth commonly relatively Bao Zong is transverse have quite strong tensile strength (longitude is more than latitude) , have very good stable property. The different branch that basis of cloth of the labour that spin earth braids craft and use classics abb is versed in to add muscle land cloth is mixed do not add cloth of muscle land labor two kinds big, the earth that add muscle is versed in the classics of cloth is more than cloth of common ground labor far to tensile strength. Have cloth of the labour that spin earth of general and actual application and project of earthy project project add muscle to increase, main function is consolidate increases, have planar segregation and protective function, do not have planar catchment function to be able to be chosen according to specific use aim.
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