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Problem of building waterproof environmental protection is discussed
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Chemical building materials decorates a project in building, adornment in by more and more use widely. It is in beautification our bedroom environment while, also make issue of pollution of condition of core of civil building room more and more outstanding. On January 1, 2001, supervisory bureau of national quality technology published the standard of set limit to of 10 harmful material, the control of environmental protection quality that decorates material to interior decoration undertook clear specification, of the same age, construction ministry came on stage " control of pollution of condition of core of room of civil construction project is normative " , standard not only the control of environmental protection quality that data uses in decorating a project to building, adornment undertook demonstrative, and the key made specific provision to the environmental pollution index of acceptance of work; National quality was supervised 2003 examine Ministry of Public Health of total bureau of quarantine total bureau, national environmental protection, country releases jointly " standard of indoor air quality " put forward " indoor air should flavour of avirulent, harmless, as good as " requirement.

Waterproof regards chemistry as the one big branch of building materials, having solvinging problem of waterproof shot-off of loss while, people already more and more the value that realizes function of its environmental protection, from Beijing the person casualty accidents that happens in waterproof construction process in recent years looks, the development of environmental protection waterproof and development, and environmental protection construction is imperative. Waterproof still does not have a standard to have specific provision to environmental protection function at present, according to us the station detects to the environmental protection of material the long-term experience that detects with indoor air is accumulated, combinative waterproof shows some real cases, function does the environmental protection that is aimed at waterproof to discuss here.

   2, the classification of water material and contaminant introduction

2.1, waterproof material and a sheet

2.1.1, bitumen radical is waterproof bitumen of modified of a material, polymer is waterproof a material and bitumen asphalt felt are made of baked clay, these material that already finalized the design total volatile organic compound (TVOC) inferior, small to environmental influence, but the material with its form a complete set if bitumen of modified of SBS, APP is waterproof function of its environmental protection assures an inorganic agent of the basic level in material construction process very hard, be like incorrect the person of the member that function of its environmental protection does control to be able to endanger construction person directly is healthy, this we also have lesson of deep feeling of grief. Because cold a copy of each document sent out is oily,many dissolvent is contained in inorganic agent of solvent basic level especially (common is benzene department other people) , solid content is low, solvent volatilizes the amount is large, serious to environmental pollution, endanger person health, so Beijing is built appoint published basic level inorganic agent 2003 index of technology of harmful material set limit to, strict control endangers 3 index of person safety most in basic level inorganic agent, namely total organic volatile content (TVOC) (≤ 600g/L) , benzene (summation of xylene of + of ≤ 5g/kg) , toluene (≤ 200g/kg) , had favorable effect.
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