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What is PVC waterproof a material, function how
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Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) waterproof roll material is with polyvinyl chloride colophony (PVC) for main raw material, mix into enters absorbefacient of right amount modifier, antioxidant, ultraviolet ray, colorant, filler, plasticizer to wait, classics mediate, model is changed, squeeze piece pressure delay, plastic, cooling, examine, cent coils, pack those who wait for working procedure treatment to be made but a curly shape waterproof.

This kind coils material has tensile strength taller, outspread rate is older, be able to bear or endure the characteristic with better performance of high low temperature, and hot frit performance is good, roll when material juncture, use heat to solder commonly law, make its form juncture cohere firm, close close whole is waterproof layer.

PVC is waterproof a material is current and alive application is on the bound the most extensive waterproof an one of material, apply to large roof boarding, hollow board make waterproof layer, what also can make roofing of component of the waterproof layer below rigid layer and old building concrete is reparative, and of cistern of the waterproof, moistureproof, cistern of basement or subterranean project, lay aside and sewage disposal pool prevent ooze, it is certain to have anti-corrosive of the ground project of the requirement waterproof, prevent ooze.

This kind coils ability is relative SBS is waterproof roll for material, spread outside beautiful, be able to bear or endure Hou Xingjiang, but raw material is opposite cost is higher, leakage hind also is maintained not easily, lag behind plus craft of technology, recipe, construction wait for a reason, this kind coils material uses an amount in home is not very big.

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