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What is cement radical waterproof
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Be by cement, silicon arenaceous with other chemistry material is formed, after mixing with water, use at the surface of the wall body such as concrete, block, in order to prevent the infiltration of water or oozy waterproof.

There are two kinds of main cements on the market base waterproof product: Adornment product and permeate crystallization product.

   1.Decorate sexual coating

Abide by of this kinds of product tests the level of normative TT-P-0035 from military engineering, it is a kind of coat that has adornment, protection and waterproof function. The implementation of function of this kind of product relies on the felt of its and wall substance appearance, use at the building of ground above normally. And be in under the ground, the environment that has water or back surface (inside waterproof) wait for a circumstance to fall, adornment sex coating cannot be competent, and give place to surely crystallization coating.

   2.Permeate crystallization cement base coating

Crystallization coating is far than other cement base coating is advantageous. Unlike is other coating its are waterproof rely on coating and wall body only stick receive. The grey calcic composition of the dissociate in the surface of concrete of chemical composition infiltration with crystallization immanent coating and concrete is united in wedlock, form cannot the crystal of dissolve, close the wool stoma of concrete surface and fine break, prevent the leakage of water thereby. Process of this kind of crystallization makes coating and concrete knot are an organic whole, be in consequently very tall hydraulic fall to also won't flake.

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