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Orientations of Everest Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Material new concept of int
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Today, the 2010 Twelfth 住交会, not only gathered in real estate, real estate related industries such as home, building materials and other famous enterprises have also appeared, in order to show users more information about this exhibitor 住交会, Sohu specifically focus network the selection of building waterproofing industry leaders - Guangdong Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Engineering Limited, for the netizens to understand the real estate industry to provide the external reference. Oriental Yuhong partners covers Vanke (Forum News), gold, Wantong, Greentown, and many other well-known housing prices, Sohu focus network interview with Oriental Yuhong the deputy general manager of Miss Luo Yushuang, she said, building materials and other real estate related industries and real estate industry is a complete chain, as well as users have to buy waterproof materials provided some professional advice. Reporter: Many users of the Oriental Yuhong is not very understanding, can we briefly talk about it? JiangYa Double: Yes. Oriental Yuhong was founded in 1998 in Beijing, is a collection of waterproof material development, production, sales and construction services in one of the waterproofing industry enterprises, but also the first listed company in China waterproofing industry. Guangdong Oriental Yuhong last May established a wholly owned subsidiary. Reporter: Oriental Yuhong Waterproof materials which are mainly used in construction? JiangYa Double: Oriental Yuhong Waterproof materials are widely used in housing construction, highways, bridges and other facilities, Shenzhen Airport, the coastal hospitals are using our waterproof material. Reporter: What are the residential projects in Shenzhen Oriental Yuhong Waterproof material used? JiangYa Double: Taoyuan Village (Forum News), before their waterproof material is a problem, use the back to all of our materials. Reporter: residential projects, it will be used throughout the complete project? JiangYa double: Yes, we cooperate, it is the material used in construction projects throughout the outer wall, packaging, including parking lot of the facilities. Reporter: We and Shenzhen, the real estate business which has co-operate? JiangYa double: as China Vanke, gold, etc. Housing prices are, and we have the cooperation, other issues such as MassMutual, Greentown and so is our long-term customers. Reporter: General Law, in Shenzhen, waterproof materials buyers should pay attention to what users can provide us with some professional advice? JiangYa Double: Yes. Buy a house in the south, especially in Shenzhen, this is more warm and humid environment, should pay attention to water temperature and salinity of materials, because it is easy ocean climate affect our building, and the roof of many buildings will be built in Shenzhen roof garden, it is also Note that the root resistance to puncture, do not let the roots be damaged building body. Reporter: Oriental Yuhong is the first time 住交会 it? JiangYa Double: No, we have attended many times 住交会, and this time we came to Shenzhen to deepen and housing prices is mainly the exchange of communication, because we and the real estate industry is a complete chain, but also show some new products . Reporter: Oriental Yuhong future development orientation do? JiangYa Double: We will continue to expand their business, Shenzhen office has more than twenty teams, industrial, residential, and supermarkets now have the project, with a few simple words, our position is to "take potential Hongyuan, subtle things speed victory. "
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