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Apply dens false false man found to be secretly transferred waterproof materi
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Flour, cement and sand mixed with stirring to become famous waterproof material. Recently, a young man accidentally Licang District candidates to a false dens, the dens found 20 tons of waterproof material on maternity leave. Then press the black dens were investigated. However, by fraudulent use of the brand Shanghai Yong full head of waterproof material Co., Ltd. Qingdao arrived, they found the owner was black dens of the company's sales staff in Qingdao, the last two even in private mediation, law enforcement officials are tracking the current business dens of the false black waterproof material. Candidates found fraud dens "A small factory, in the production of a brand of waterproof material Shanghai." Recently, Mr. Tong reflected Licang District a few days ago he accepted the position of a small plant, to produce a waterproof material, raw material is cement, flour, fine sand and then mixing a polymer powder, stirring after sealing bag, pocket cards printed Yuqing waterproof material, the manufacturer is full of waterproof material Co., Ltd. Shanghai Yong. From 11 am to 6 pm, Mr. Tong has a total of 11 tons of packaging material such water, and so calculate the plant can produce 20 tons a day, factory price of 3,000 yuan a ton. Mr. Tong introduction, he has some understanding of the waterproof material, "the Yuqing plates used last year with a lot of waterproof material, this year seems to be out a lot of fake, many people no longer choose the brand of." Fake delivery note flaws exposed Reporter contacted the manufacturers in Shanghai, the other that there is no set production site in Qingdao, is a small plant in the fake and shoddy products. 28 afternoon, the manufacturer sent to Qingdao, the reporter then with the Shanghai factory Manager Zhang and others in Mr. Tong's leadership, found a fake site. The reporter saw a warehouse yard big iron gate locked and the windows are sealed bags, piled inside the house through the door you can see a lot of packaged bags, Manager Zhang inside the cargo is estimated at least 20 tons. A man claiming to be the owner, called out to reporters, who rush to leave. To avoid arouse his suspicions, journalists and others out of the small courtyard Manager Zhang, the door of a delivery note in a van attracted the attention of Mr. Zhang. It is woven factory in Jinan, a delivery note, goods are "Yuqing" brand bag 2408, the date is November 26, 2010. "Yuqing is a registered trademark of our products, we never set it down from the establishment of Jinan bags, which proved that the accumulation of plant in counterfeit goods is our product." Mr. Zhang said. Qingdao Great diving product sales "Our company suffered, fake waterproof material has led to the sales market has fallen sharply in Qingdao." Zhang, last year their company's sales of waterproof material in Qingdao, about 300 tons in 2010, only 30 tons, mainly appeared on the market in Qingdao counterfeit products. "We are not simply waterproof material produced mixed several ingredients, there is a mix of strict proportion will only pass the factory test, waterproof material failed, the basement, the roof will be water seepage." Mr. Zhang said. Lee Chang-business reporter then contacted the branch, law enforcement officers found the plant's owner, "the house contracted out to a man surnamed Xu, specifically what we do not inquire." Owner called the telephone man surnamed Xu , the other said it is Zibo, 29 am to return. As the warehouse doors locked, business officials said 29 am checked again. A fake products are transported at night At 8:30 on the 29th Xu, law enforcement officers come back, they noticed that the warehouse had been carrying fake a waterproof material space. Reporter then contact zhang, according to him, 28 afternoon, he found that according to delivery notes and other clues within the ghost turned out, the van's previous owner was a salesman in Qingdao Xu. Xu resigned in April of this year, the company also suspected counterfeit products that he produced in Qingdao, but no evidence. Manager Zhang said that he contacted the evening of 28 Xu, Xu returned that night after the two sides had a consultation in Qingdao, the company has and Xu compounding, to cease production, no more fraud, Xu has been agreed, Next how to do so after returning to Shanghai negotiate with the company. Xu reporter's phone call, always unable to connect. Industrial and commercial department, said the emergency had been carried away on the counterfeit products will be further investigation.
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