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2010, a large collection of new waterproof materials
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With the current rising prices, market regulation after another New Deal, has been closely related building materials and real estate industry in the country vigorously stabilize the real estate market, to combat high prices and building materials market in the context of fierce competition, began to re-find a new way. Bring disaster to the building materials market the property market For the home improvement industry, especially in first-tier cities, the real estate market in the event of a chain reaction of higher prices, the home improvement industry is facing rising raw material prices, lower sales dilemma. From steel to stone, from stone to concrete, a real estate going up every building can not be separated, when the property market into a corner, the building materials industry will inevitably be trouble. And the face of "restriction" and a series of real estate Deal, Guo Hui, vice president of Power Dekor that the New Deal real estate building materials enterprises in China may make return to a rational choice. The introduction of the New Deal makes rigid demands genuine buyers in the real estate market has risen, the decline in large areas of unused housing construction companies will promote the return of reason. In his view, the real concern is the real volume of housing, most speculative buyers will not be renovated, which is the development of building materials industry is not a positive impact. Jiang Shaojie, general manager of Midland Realty, said tertiary markets, the property market the New Deal was obvious the purchase of first-tier cities that led to the universal implementation of the local market transactions fell, forcing part of the floating capital investment to accelerate to second-tier cities. Some high-end level of consumer spending has not declined because of housing policy in order to achieve a satisfactory effect of the decoration, high-end home improvement materials will still be as their preferred products. As second and third tier cities are in the majority of consumers in the end, turnover is expected to rise in their houses, which makes the home improvement market continues to be optimistic about the prospects. But insiders said the real estate industry is a barometer of the market economy, a direct impact on the turnover of housing decoration materials industry, the future direction of the market is also home also has a lot of uncertainties. The state has adopted a series of regulatory policies exacerbated the property market of consumers waiting to see the atmosphere on the property market, a direct impact on downstream industries, is now engaged in various promotional activities in supermarkets have a big fuss, but when consumers purchase household goods usually than three, by the business impact of various marketing activities is not. New materials open up new space for environmental protection It is reported that a recent trend of second-tier cities, the property market turnover was divided, the city is basically a front-line turnover decreased significantly, second-tier cities traded sharply, the industry generally believe that it is mainly limited by the impact of purchase orders. Building Materials Factory Jiancaoping District of Taiyuan City Forest Management, said, "on the current market situation, we hope that the state has adopted a policy can be more stable, do not always compete on price. Although the New Deal did not affect the volume of our business, enterprise should also continue to innovate in response to the introduction of the policy. " Home building materials, the battle was still raging, the face of the wave of the prices of building materials, Nippon business people said: "The price increase is caused by many reasons, including raw materials and labor and other costs are increasing, companies are now through reform and improve production efficiency technology to reduce production costs, etc., to ensure relatively stable prices. " With the social development and industry level, the coating has become all walks of life are inseparable from the product, but the face of fierce market competition, the paint and coatings industry is how to seize the market? Countries in order to further stabilize the real estate market, to combat high prices, so that part of the building materials business disrupted the pace of its development, but compared to the performance decline in some other building materials, building materials market is liquid wallpaper coatings maintained a rapid growth trend. It is understood that a wide variety of paint and coatings market, as long as the product as "green", "odor," "clean taste" and so on, the product will certainly be worth double, so the company began to seek innovative products. Liquid wallpaper sales staff that is now the living environment of increasing demand, many consumers will be the effect of the decoration, whether it is harmful to the body as a measure to select the wallpaper, and other young people have a lot of buyers now demand, in the decoration of the traditional The paint has reached less than the aesthetic standards of these young people, they need some personalized fashion decoration rather than simple color changes, and liquid paint wallpaper just to meet the requirements of this part of the consumer. Currently, its sales remain good. For the future development of home building materials industry trends, industry insiders believe that the property market regulation and control policy will benefit the industry long-term, healthy continued development. Now, the overall share of the renovation market is still large, rigid consumer demand for home real estate New Deal will not be reduced, while companies need to improve internal strength through the practice's influence in the market to seize the market. Vagaries of the development prospects of the building materials industry, businesses from the perspective of consumers, only the introduction of innovative products of excellent quality in order to place the competition in the industry. 2010, 10 new waterproof materials closely linked to people's hearts Throughout the waterproofing industry, our new waterproof materials industry through the development process more than 20 years, has made gratifying achievements. In the new economic situation, China waterproof material industry the way how should they go? New waterproof materials which products should be developed? I According to the current development trend of domestic and waterproof material, combined with his years of work experience proposals for national water industry colleagues for reference. Universal application of water repellent to consolidate and promote infiltration of water repellent and water-based M1500 Wing condensate (DPS), promote the use of silicone waterproofing agent and fatty acid waterproofing agent. Restrict the use of high content of chloride ion waterproofing agent, prohibiting the use of excessive levels of alkali aggregate powdered waterproofing agent. Consolidation of PVC and EPDM waterproofing membrane applied to promote forming a polyethylene fiber (polyester polypropylene) membrane and polymer cement waterproof adhesive system, speeding up research and development shop wet method self-adhesive synthetic polymer waterproofing membrane, restrict the use of chlorinated polyethylene waterproofing membrane, out of recycled rubber waterproofing membrane. Consolidate the application of polyurethane waterproof coating, polymer cement waterproof paint, cement-based waterproof coating, to promote cementitious capillary crystalline waterproofing materials and silicone waterproof coating, development and application of spray polyurea polyurethane waterproof coating, application of high solid content of water-based asphalt-based waterproof coating promote the application of waterproof coatings, and other special road and bridge use waterproof paint. Prohibit the use of contaminated coal tar class waterproof coating. Consolidate application SBS, APP modified bitumen membrane and self-adhesive rubber bitumen membrane, to develop wet Shop Act modified bitumen membrane self-adhesive, to promote the practice and application of green roofs root resistance membrane, the positive application of fiberglass tires asphalt shingles, tires restrict the use of composite waterproofing membrane and asphalt felt paper, tires, prohibit the use of tar sand surface for waterproofing. Application of acrylic sealants consolidation (midrange), and vigorously promote the use of polysulfide, silicone, polyurethane and other high-grade sealing materials, sealing materials, active research and application-specific primer to improve adhesion of sealants and water-resistant, durable. Prohibit the use of plastic ointment, PVC clay and other sealing materials. Positive application of polymer cement waterproof mortar, promote polypropylene fiber (PP) and nylon fiber and wood fiber cracking waterproof mortar, Research and Application of dense water repellent silica zeolites. Promoting the application of mortar (water, heat, corrosion, bonding, sealing and other special self-leveling mortar.) Foundation reinforcement material using cement-based grout, structural reinforced epoxy grout using cement radical, in particular, low viscosity epoxy grouting material wet, waterproof plugging ultra-early-strength self-leveling cement grout and polyurethane, acrylate grouting material. Recommended for cases of different projects using composite filling process. Prohibit the use of C condensate and other toxic polluting grouting material. Applied Extrusion consolidation type, molded polystyrene board and mortar-type exterior insulation system, and actively promote the use of spray polyurethane foam insulation body of water, appropriate development and application of powder particles of polystyrene insulation mortar system. Restrict the use of vermiculite and perlite insulation materials such as high water absorption. Prohibit the use of loose insulation material. Positive application of the natural waterproofing materials - sodium bentonite waterproofing materials, concrete varieties of seal water swelling bentonite, bentonite waterproofing board and bentonite powder bentonite waterproof blanket and waterproof material. Choose to apply the metal waterproofing membrane, applied research and other special waterproof coating heritage.
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