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Waterproof Building Materials Industry of China largest base of serious polluti
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Become a basic national policy of environmental protection throughout the country are making great efforts to change the development concept and mode of development when the Taiwan Town, Shouguang City, Shandong Province is not only farmland rents collected, and local high pollution and high energy consumption projects has resulted in A series of economic and social problems. Town, Shouguang City, Shandong Province, Taiwan, is currently China's largest industrial base building waterproof material, waterproof material, large and small businesses up to more than 200, the town has in recent years, efforts to develop Tire Manufacturing, a small paper. At present, more than 60 tire companies and more than 20 paper mills located here. Shouguang City, according to statistics, the above three industries annual sales income of more than 40 billion yuan, Taiwan, 90% of the fiscal Town Income from this. Building waterproofing industry and tire manufacturing, the small town local paper to pull Taiwan's rapid economic development, let it push GDP ranks among the industrial town, but also result in increasingly serious pollution problems. Illegal construction of township industrial park I arrived in Taiwan after the first exposure to the Town residents of the town taxi driver Chen Xiaolong Taiwan Village. He and I chatted in the process, I learned that Taiwan companies are concentrated Town almost all the first industrial park in Taiwan by Direct management of town government. According to Taiwan, he recalled the first industrial park for nearly 20 years, has been high-profile foreign investment. But I visit China Development Network, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Land Resources, Ministry of Construction Published "China's development zones were approved directory" not found in Taiwan, the first industrial park on any of the information. Carefully review the information on the site, I just learned that the national development zones in 2003 when large-scale revamp , Has banned all township-level development zones and industrial parks. Taiwan first industrial park that is now impossible to obtain national approval procedures, and its existence is a problem. According to Taiwan, Taiwan, North Town Village, a village leader of anonymity, reflect, and Taiwan waterproof material on the Town factory, tire factory, paper mill occupied the land, the overwhelming majority of arable land. And are 1,000 yuan per mu per year And the price of 1,500 yuan from the village where the rental. Involving a total of more than a dozen villages, a total of nearly mu. During his tenure, there are acres of farmland in northern Taiwan Village has been leased, and now the village less than an acre of land per capita. Because the occupation Effectiveness of each company to land good and bad, covering payment of compensation has become a problem. Companies like Hongyuan Waterproof, Philip Yu-scale water companies and other large enterprises with good efficiency in the area of compensation per year, barely able to put in place. But all Such as the Sea King waterproof, double-Xin workshops like water is relatively poor reputation, lease compensation delayed two to three years. For this reason, many landless villagers living plummeted. Pollution "nightmare" I have not entered platform Town remember the time when the resident, pungent smell of blowing. The Center Road intersection in Taiwan got off, waterproof material around the plant and the tire factory emissions continue to force the release had to cover your paper Nose and mouth. In such a hostile air environment, the intersection next to a giant billboard on the "concept of scientific development and building a harmonious new station head," the slogan is especially dazzling. After an area of understanding the situation, I came to Taiwan, South East Town Village, a large lump near Medina, is playing in the corn head of a chemical plant pesticides Cheng, see the author's visit, in relation to air pollution problems took the initiative revealed Said: "The waterproof material industry and the tire industry, paper industry there are high pollution and high energy-consuming industries. Unchecked development of these industries, air pollution can not be avoided. Because the sets head away from the city, EPA and the town government of Shouguang sparse In management. Various companies are unscrupulous and exhaust emission of black smoke. Over the past decade we have been here has been heavily polluted air. And operation of enterprises with more pollution, air environment is still deteriorating. Taiwan thorn Town Mostly nasal gas plant in the production of waterproof material app, sbs, polypropylene, asphalt, linoleum and other waterproof products emitted during. " "The waterproofing material factory chimney smoke is the main component of fly ash and other industrial dust. One of these polluting factories started floating in the air was full of these things. In this environment we are blowing out of the nose Is gray black. I worked in the fields will not take long my body will be covered with dust. "Northern Village, a retirement village leader named Li stood in wheat leaves, pointing to the south not far from Hong Yu Waterproof Co., Ltd. is Black smoke in the chimney, but also helpless to the author tells of air pollution here. He also told this writer, is also covered with wheat straw ash and dust, but their small size do not know. In order to intuitively illustrate this point, he Wheat roll out so I look at his pants leg, I reached down and see the wide Ribeiro Qiuku despite wearing, but the calf or on a layer of ash stick. From time to time in the sweat rolled down his dusty cheeks out of a Road "Ravine." Town survey I found that air pollution in Taiwan, increasing the same time, the ground water pollution issues are also increasingly evident. I see the quality of Miles waterproof materials plant in North Hongyu wall of the irrigation ditch flowing Are gray and black, and the horrible smell of sewage. The irrigation ditch most of the sewage from Hong Yu waterproof materials company north wall of a sewage ditch to the north and south. The source of the sewage ditch outside the north wall of the company of a circular Outfall. According to the Northern Village in front of the retirement village leader who introduced the west of Hongyuan Waterproof Materials businesses of all sewage generated from water are along the west side of a sewage ditch Town sets flows into a large lump of a large pit south of the village. Down his The direction, I soon found the place. I see it standing on the edge of the puddle area of more than a football field, which filled with dark gray enough to have a dozen meters of sewage, sewage floating on the surface of a layer of five-Yen, Color of the oil slick. Continuously emitting a stench, the author Xunde dizzy, almost into the water. Sun Village, a large lump of elderly villager surnamed also chipped in, said the ground water pollution came up because a large number of perennial plant discharges waterproof material, and Taiwan have been pollution of groundwater Town. Shallow groundwater for drinking and livestock has not . Town is now on the table to drink vast majority of villages are one hundred meters of the deep well. Because away from the polluting enterprises near the north station head, the Northern head, a large lump, small lump deep water in several villages were affected, seven or eight years ago to start Become muddy and have felt the same shares of smell. Because of serious pollution, food production units around the town has fallen markedly. Wheat, for example, an average of one thousand kilograms per mu, a decade ago, now only about six pounds. Situation is more serious Polluting enterprises away from the nearest land, wheat and corn (1963, -6.00, -0.30%) and other crops are not heading for many years results. The loss of such land of the villagers contracted the most, but the pollution enterprises have so far not given them any Compensation. The villager surnamed Sun also reminded the author, look at the far west of the Northern head several abandoned school vegetable greenhouse. According to him, the hometown of vegetables in Shouguang, formerly Town station and many people are engaged in vegetable cultivation, of which the Northern Village's largest. Later, due to increasing pollution of vegetables can not grow normally, farmers forced to change jobs, the village's vegetable greenhouses have become so "ruin." Cancer became popular "We have a small lump to the village only a thousand mouths. Maybe it is and the relationship between pollution, which was strange in the village more and more. Last year, 12 people in our village died of cancer, from the Spring Festival this year and now the village is dead 4 Personal The cause of death is cancer. "I walked into a small lump village, town residents to know the health status of Taiwan, the village, a villager Zheng Xing says. In addition, he also revealed to the author, a small number of patients with cancer, lump in the surge in the village, the majority of the young number, of which the lung, esophagus, liver, stomach mainly, his brother died of lung cancer last year is, throughout the year Only 37 years old. According to another villager confirmed that more than a small lump of Taiwan Town of cancer in other villages in recent years the situation is similar with a small lump of the village. According to the author learned that in Taiwan, in addition to high incidence of cancer reclaim Town, was cerebral thrombosis, hemiplegia, leukemia and other diseases of people , Is also increasing. From waterproof material and is closer to the village enterprises, made the situation more serious. Incentive for these diseases, the villagers have different opinions, some people say is caused by air pollution, it was said to have groundwater problems. I scoop the scoop up a small lump just hit village well water, see the muddy water, carefully smell the smell of a stock is difficult to describe, difficult to swallow the bitter drink mouth. Abstract: Town Shouguang City, Taiwan, is currently China's largest industrial base building waterproof material, waterproof material, large and small businesses up to more than 200 in recent years, efforts to develop the town again in the tire manufacturing industry, small Paper. But Taiwan is not only rents collected Town farmland, and local high pollution and high energy consumption projects has resulted in a series of economic and social problems. "Escape" Taiwan first In accordance with the recommendations of the villagers, the author to the distance and Hong Yu Hongyuan Waterproof Waterproof compare two largest sources of air pollution near the Xiyuan hotel stay registered. Although this time has entered the summer, but I see through the windows of hotel rooms In front of the center of the road is always empty, and occasionally through the pedestrian is frowned, hurried pace. Around mid night, I fight back with a sharp odor to water, and Hong Yu Hongyuan Waterproof front of the two companies Zouliaoyizao . Found overwhelming mix of smoke and exhaust as one wanders around in the street light shining is particularly hideous. I insist here in less than twenty minutes before the body will have a strong reaction. Back to hotel, no hole is not Into the dust emission is also closed two hotel rooms through the windows and to the trailing, Xunde I did not sleep a wink the night more than retching. Early the next day I forced the fastest "escape" from the Taiwan Town. Government officials blame the town Units of the way back to the author in a telephone interview with the station in the Town government staff. The author proposes several questions: First, Taiwan is the first industrial park which level of government approval? Second, the industrial park land occupied by enterprises Are leased, suspected of "rents collected," explained the town government for what? Third, Taiwan's first industrial park with no environmental review by the Environmental Protection Agency, Industrial Park of hundreds of companies have not passed environmental review? Fourth, the Taiwan Town Now the serious air and water pollution, and Taiwan is how to Town governance? Office staff actually answer any of them, but as soon as possible mechanically told the author that they convey to the leadership. I reminded him photographic evidence and make him look on the corporate website. He is opinionated, one does not recognize water pollution, the second does not recognize Hong Yu Plant waterproof material existence. Later I heard him on the phone work For the staff said something to the side, quarter last name had changed to say that cadres only thing he HONGYU re-investigation. In addition, he also told the company the main thing is the Environmental Protection Agency pollution control, the town government also assumes any responsibility. Finally, the author Asked whether his remarks represent themselves, quarter last name cadres very simply said that he fully represent the Town Commission sets the town government. Learned for the telephone visit the relevant situation, the author, please call Shouguang City Land Bureau, Shouguang City Office, Shouguang City Environmental Protection Bureau, one by one verified. Town appears to Taiwan farmland rents collected issues, Shouguang City Land Resources Bureau office staff appear to the author that the problem of illegal land should be specific conditions, the state has a sound legal system Degrees, which is the responsibility of who shirk no matter how he said it could not have, so Taiwan government cadres on land issues Town is not responsible for comments is wrong. I mentioned the construction of Taiwan Town waterproof materials in recent years companies have no problem of land acquisition procedures, the resulting response of the Taiwan Town waterproof materials, tire manufacturers are mostly small units of local villagers to invest in the construction of the first, rent Procedures are business owners and village to village sign. Little or no access to formal approval of land expropriation. In order to identify sets Hongyuan Town, Yuhong, Hong Yu, Ze source waterproofing material, such as several large companies is the problem with the EIA procedure, I visit the state Department of Environmental Protection, Environmental Protection Office of Shandong Province, Weifang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Shouguang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau site, no inquiry into the environmental assessment of these companies any information. Town sets the authenticity of building sewage treatment plants is also questionable. Shouguang city government office workers because the author had said They had never heard of such a project. Protect the environmental interests of farmers Urban and rural incomes and living standards has always been a difference, but the natural scenery of the countryside and fresh air to the city envy. However, this situation is changing: environmental management in cities has intensified at the same time, the To be to keep mountains, excellent ecological environment in the city's rural areas, environment is deteriorating sharply. If you do not lose control, "high incidence of cancer villages" may be more and more. In fact, in most places, rural pollution is not an incurable disease. As long as local governments and relevant departments of empathy with the farmers, the rural environmental protection as its own thing to be able to take effective measures to pollution problems of a One out of a solution, which requires local governments to stand in one position of farmers, afraid of offending polluting enterprises; the second is to polluters when the time is the polluter, experience of farmers suffering; the most critical is whether the rectification of the government Determination and sincerity. Become a basic national policy of environmental protection throughout the country are making great efforts to change the development concept and mode of development when the Taiwan Town, Shouguang City, Shandong Province is not only farmland rents collected, and local high pollution and high energy project has been Caused a series of economic and social problems.
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