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Standard of our country waterproof is much and chaos, mutual not harmonious
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Since close period of time, the building waterproof of our country obtained the progress that your person fixes eyes upon, new-style waterproof had quite rapid development. To suit with its, make and edited a series of waterproof standards. According to statistic, the standard that has issued at present is close 100. It is the standard that will nearly 3 years release and standard have bitumen of GB18242-2000 elastomer modified merely waterproof a bitumen of modified of body of plasticity of material, GB18243-2000 is waterproof a material, GB18173. Waterproof of 1-2000 high polymer the first part - sheet; JC/T894-2001 polymer cement is waterproof cement of coating, GB18445-2001 base permeate crystallization waterproof to wait for nearly 25. These standards and normative formulate and promulgate, produce and use what make our country builds waterproof had a basis, promote to arriving since the development of new-style waterproof especially, urge action. But, as a result of a variety of reasons, place work out and castigatory share level are existing a few problems that not allow to ignore.

   3 big questions restrict industry development

Politics give much door, the industry edits eagerly related each standard. Outside the waterproof level that eliminates formulate of building materials industry now, spin and chemical industry establish a standard actively also. They lack necessary understanding to produce and be being used of material, seek building materials and the opinion that build a department rarely again, although the standard that down to publishs as string of 1000 cash a national level, but not suit is actual, in some respects not only did not rise to some assurance and should urge action to the development of new-style waterproof, created waterproof standard however instead more confused, block up the health of new-style waterproof develops. If spin department is regulatory the GB/T17987-2000 bitumen that order is waterproof roll material is used base embryo -- cloth of polyester blame weaving, index on the low side, be like C class rupture puissant it is 350N surely, lowermost sheet value is 300N, differ one times with foreign standard as it happens, so low base fetal index is impossible that production gives performance bitumen of advantageous polyester embryo modified is waterproof of a material.

The waterproof standard that establish is much and random, do not coordinate each other. Come a few years, the country takes building waterproof seriously, 4 keys that label its chemical building materials develop one of material, waterproof makes popular product, the material with different class emerges together the market, the product that data company develops with respect to oneself in succession declares country or occupation standard, standard branch lacks necessary control, published many waterproof standard thereby, differ in the market class material developed intense competition, formed cheap product to grow rate greatly the confused phase that prep above country initiates a product, make the integral level of our country waterproof quick drop.
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