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Waterproof the country monitors a material quality selective examination quality
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The near future, organization of total bureau of national qualitative check is waterproof to the building quality had a material product the country is supervised selective examination, selective examination in all 84 kinds of products that 81 enterprises produce 17 provinces, municipality directly under the Central Government (do not involve exit product) , sampling percent of pass of product objective quality is 94.6 % .

The main quality problem that in selectiving examination, discovers: Content of individual product soluble substance is unqualified, reduced the waterproof function of the product; Individual product is the oldest outspread rate is unqualified when pulling force, such product is in use process, once basic level happening is out of shape, material can be pulled or split, appear easily leakage; Individual product heats adjustable quantity is unqualified, high temperature is encountered when use, the product allows changeful form, systole or apophysis, it is easy on base material to use cause tear off, generation leakage.

Be aimed at the main quality problem that in selectiving examination, discovers, total bureau of national qualitative check already enjoined technology of each district quality supervises a branch to wait for the regulation of concerned law laws and regulations strictly according to product quality standard, right the enterprise of off quality of the product in selectiving examination undertakes handling lawfully, deadline is rectified and reform. Will continue to be opposite the building is waterproof a material product quality undertake dogging selectiving examination, make a structure waterproof of a standard of quality of lumber industry whole rise.

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