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Domestic spray gets together Niao elastomer technology gains new headway
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Use spray to get together Niao (SPUA) elastomer technology is OK and fast construction, fast shape. Spray gets together Niao elastomer is very not sensitive to moisture and humidity, have exceedingly good wearability and higher stretch, mechanical performance and good thermal stability, corrosion resistance and be able to bear or endure state the good point such as the gender, its application domain is vaster and vaster. Technology of SPUA of latter our country is in the following two respect application had new progress.

   1, the SPUA application in building waterproof heat-insulating material.

PU material is used as waterproof and heat-insulating material in the building, already had old history, its dosage is bigger also. But the PU data that uses before is like PU hard bubble, can remove heat insulation only, cannot remove waterproof action; and PU elastomer material can rise only again waterproof, cannot have adiabatic effect. Had SPUA technology, can realize heat insolation and waterproof photograph union to make waterproof and adiabatic PU composite material, construction is very convenient also. Specific construction method is: Earnestly of pliable but strong of shipboard of  of Zhun of Xuan Ba adept is bad catch? to be) of adhesive of odd constituent PU commonly, next again spray is certain the PU hard bubble of ply, use SPUA technology spray on PU hard bubble again (0.3~0.4mm) gets together Niao elastomer, to prevent ultraviolet light ageing, get together in PU/ finally Tu Yi layer is thin above Niao elastomer thin preventing ultraviolet light material (to prevent) of ultraviolet light ageing. The heat insolation of make it of method of this kind of construction! Waterproof PU composite material, have prevent heat already! Waterproof! Be able to bear or endure it is good to await a gender! Service life is long wait for an advantage.

   2, the SPUA application in rubber roll

Shanghai treasure pine is industrial development limited company introduced device of spray of facing of an EP-300 polyurethane coming back from abroad. This equipment is used RibbonFlow(is called on international banding stream) technology. Its advantage is: Yao of > of Qiang of sweat of suddenly Ping  appears Nao beat of Bin of ∨ of caries of Yu of  of  of barefooteding arrest of compose of exhausted  of Piao of key of let down with a rope of  of ü of  of collection blame caries rank ⑺ Yu group Ze of  of brilliant of canister of Sha Shang of  of approach of extensive of Tao of  of blade of Yu of  of protruding leave uncovered > admire, also can machine hardness of Shao Er A to be 95 degrees rubber roll. This kind rotates spray PU/ gets together Niao new technology, can apply extensively at metallurgy, papermaking, presswork, the industry such as spin uses rubber roll. Euramerican country uses this kind of advanced technology generally already to produce rubber roll.

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