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Waterproof coating industry grows the stress polyurethane waterproof coating
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"915 " during, industry of our country waterproof grows the stress modified bitumen waterproof a material, positive development high polymer is waterproof a material, develop waterproof coating appropriately, note reopen to send sealed material and plugging material of shut-off of water. Have to new-style 2005 waterproof rate should achieve 50% .

In modified bitumen waterproof a material is medium, bitumen of modified of key development SBS is waterproof a material, positive innovation condition drives APP modified bitumen waterproof a development of material. To 2005 modified bitumen is waterproof a material prevent water engineering market in the whole nation have rate achieve 23% , year dosage is 100 million square metre about.

In high polymer waterproof a material is medium, the key popularizes the new-style high polymer such as balata of third of 3 yuan of second and pvc waterproof a material. To 2005, new-style high polymer is waterproof roll material is in what the whole nation prevents water engineering market to have rate achieve 14% , year dosage is 45 million square metre about.

In waterproof coating, Key development and promotion polyurethane are waterproof coating, positive development is high quality measure modified bitumen with Gao Guhan waterproof coating. To 2005, high-grade and medium, waterproof coating is in what the whole nation prevents water engineering market to have rate achieve 13% , year dosage is 230 thousand tons about. Build sealed material to be mixed with development silicon ketone polyurethane is sealed cream give priority to. To 2005, the dosage that builds sealed material is 100 thousand tons about, developed a target 2010: New-style waterproof takes dominant place in market of engineering of water of complete national defence, achieve 70% above, wash out traditional paper embryo asphalt felt basically.

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