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Liaoning pledges inspect selectives examination: Billow Yu seeks to divide Gou
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Liaoning saves quality technology to supervise bureau know, this bureau is opposite at organizing concerned unit May insulation material, waterproof a material, aluminous profile and door, window is used did not add model polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) profile product undertook supervisory selectiving examination. Selective examination this in all 115 enterprises of 8 areas such as Shenyang, Dalian 133 batch product, the 120 batch product of 103 enterprises is eligible, product sampling percent of pass is 90.2% .

   Quality of insulation material product is better

Selective examination insulation material 30 batch, eligible 29 batch, product sampling percent of pass is 96.7% . Selective examination among them heat insulation uses moulding polystyrene expanded plastics (11880, - 455, - 3.69% , ) (EPS) 22 batch, eligible 21 batch, product sampling percent of pass is 95.5% ; Selective examination heat insulation uses expanded plastics of the polystyrene that squeeze model (XPS) 8 batch, eligible 8 batch, product sampling percent of pass is 100% . Unqualified mix for apparent density reduce intensity. Apparent density and reduce intensity unqualified the wall outside will bringing about a building tensile strength is low, cannot satisfy heat preservation system is self-prossessed reach facing load to be opposite of its shear strength bear the weight of requirement, insulation material is pulled easily, destroy facing of heat preservation system, cannot rise to build the action of energy-saving heat preservation, cause safe accident even. When apparent density is unqualified, its compress intensity majority cannot eligible. Causing unqualified main reason is an enterprise to obtain more golden eggs, cost of intended bring down, jerry.

   Waterproof quality improves a material product somewhat

Selective examination waterproof a material 50 batch, eligible 45 batch, product sampling percent of pass is 90% , relatively the product sampled 2007 percent of pass 86.7% rise somewhat. Unqualified for microtherm flexibility, pulling force and outspread rate. Microtherm flexibility is reaction coils material resists the ability of microtherm environment. Pulling force and outspread rate are waterproof one of function index with a the mainest material, it is to measure waterproof a load outside material resistance and metabolic ability, tensile, outspread rate makes clear greatly waterproof a load outside material resistance be out of shape capability is strong, vice versa. Waterproof roll material regards a building as material of roofing waterproof main body, heat up together with its in building surface bilge cold shrink, bearing immense stress. These a few index are unqualified, affect the performance of this product badly, cause waterproof layer bedding face extremely easily to accumulate leakage. Causing unqualified main reason is an enterprise to reduce cost, use low is inferior raw material.

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