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Industry of world insulation material grows analytic reviewing
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20 centuries after 70 time, abroad takes the production of insulation material and the application in the building seriously generally, do one's best reduces the wastage of the sources of energy substantially, reduce environmental pollution and greenhouse effect thereby. Industry of foreign insulation material has had very long history, the building is energy-saving hold great majority with insulation material, control from the 81 % that insulation material builds to take all insulation material since 1987 like the United States, the cliff cotton goods of 80 % above uses the Western Europe country such as Sweden and Finland at the building energy-saving. A few developed countries of foreign are in early on 70 time end had begun the century to build energy-saving job, compulsive bldg. implements energy-saving standard in building a structure, the United States promulgated ASHRAE for the first time 1975 (American heating, refrigeration and association of air conditioning project) design of standard 90-75 new structure is energy-saving. It is a foundation with this, the government was promulgated formally in December 1977 " the energy-saving code in new structure construction " , get apparent energy-saving result inside 45 cities. Bureau of American nation energy resources, Bureau of Standards and whole nation build code and standard plenary session, building the respect such as energy-saving design to put forward new content ceaselessly, undertake 5 every years editing to ASHRAE standard.

The attention with energy-saving to the building developed country and step of adopted a few effective, obtained enormous result, make the building specific power consumption of these countries drops substantially. If Denmark was compared 1985,heating area increased 30 % 1972, but heating specific power consumption reduced coal of 3.18 million tons of standards however, heating specific power consumption holds the proportion of countrywide total specific power consumption, also drop by 39 % for 28 % ; The United States since make and implement an energy-saving standard up to now managing already a large number of capital are expended, estimation arrives 2011, go up in this foundation managing 43 billion dollar. This shows, foreign building is energy-saving code 30 will obtain distinct social benefit and economic benefits for years. The building is energy-saving it is a building not just of energy-saving code promulgate carry out, its implementation still involves a giant industrial group, keeping lukewarm heat-insulating material and product among them is an influence the building is energy-saving a main influencing factor. The development that builds insulation material and application more and more be taken seriously generally of world each country, new-style insulation material is in ceaselessly emerge in large numbers.

Pledge from the material that builds insulation material and look on breed, the insulation material research that wants raw material domestic and internationally to be being given priority to with polystyrene is relatively extensive, but the majority is in plank domain, if get together,benzene board, steel wire wears clip core wallboard of compound inside and outside, metal is compound place core board to wait. Although get together,benzene board has favorable heat preservation effect as insulation material in use, but because the characteristic of plank makes,get together benzene board is in construction with main body it is when connection secure in order to nod give priority to, the face is fixed for complementary, necessary joining together, cohere should undertake between plank, incommensurate external form is more complex the heat preservation of the building, construction craft is more complex, integrated cost is high. In the meantime, because get together the abhor ability in swimming of benzene board and groovy hydrophily material are incommensurate, bring about the follow-up construction quality beyond its facing to assure not easily, appear easily facing mortar craze, fall off, the quality problem such as empty beat, to the building outside adornment was formed like the use of face brick, coating or construction very big restrict. Insulation material can overcome the oar body of indeterminate form plank kind these inadequacy, accordingly it made the main component that builds heat preservation heat-insulating material. Euramerican wait for a developed country in oar body the research of insulation material and applied respect start earlier, the technology is relatively mature, fruitful already on research and application.
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