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Price of polyurethane upper reaches " diving "
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It is reported, pure benzene of upper reaches of polyurethane of near future home, aniline, methanol, fluid the raw material such as chloric, toluene depreciates in the round. Is this one profit good disappear whether can you drive growth of polyurethane market demand? At this point the reporter undertakes interviewing to relevant personage.

Supplier of the MDI in interviewing says, price of cost of polyurethane upper reaches falls in the round, make the cost pressure of polyurethane manufacturer is reduced somewhat. But to MDI market, second half of the year of downstream freezer company has considerably the plan of pare crop, accordingly, depreciate this to be affected to aggregate MDI not quite. And pure MDI demand whether change to also want to treat downstream demand condition.

TDI supplier says, at present TDI is in low to move, but profit space is considerable still, because price of toluene of this upper reaches drops,affect to TDI prices not quite. But the likelihood is measured to appear for goods in market of the TDI after embargo removes " blowout " phenomenon.

AA supplier says, the big diving of upriver price, the near future changes downstream requirement hard not the situation of flourishing, home oneself demand of second half of the year of 2 sour markets whether start, want to see traditional busy season was behaved with the market October September.

   Personage of the personage inside course of study thinks, get cost pressure this year, and macroscopical policy affects the country, demand of whole polyurethane trade is started hard all the time. Price of upper reaches of this polyurethane raw material is collective " diving " , make each manufacturer cost pressure are reduced a lot of, but depreciate whether the city after driving, after wanting to see Olympic Games embargo remove, polyurethane market demand whether grow.

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