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Ba Sifu acrylic acid can disperse glue pink appears on a building waterproof exh
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Chinese Shanghai message, on June 12, 2008, ba Sifu (BASF) enter the roofing of 2008 China International that kick off and building waterproof technology exhibition (RW 2008) , and again the construction industry that acceptance will develop flourishingly to home offers banner solution in order to satisfy its requirement. Came 14 days on June 12, ba Sifu exhibits a center in Shanghai international (Shanghai INTEX) the 8006th exhibit a stage to exhibit company series product.

Jeff Knight of inspector general of department of divisional prose style free from parallelism says Asia-Pacific of limited company of Ba Sifu southeast Asia: "Come nearly ten years, ba Sifu is active from beginning to end waterproof market is built in China, it is ability in swimming the banner data vendor of waterproof coating market, the person take an active part in that is association of level of state of Chinese waterproof coating " .

Ministry of divisional prose style free from parallelism builds Asia-Pacific of limited company of Ba Sifu southeast Asia senior manager Dr. Mubarik Chowdhry says polymer career department: "To consolidate further the market precedes position, we will continue to offer the banner solution that surmounts its to expect to be worth for the client, help client holds market competition dominant position. The company is located in the technical center of Shanghai to provide advanced facilities facility, devote oneself to to build the research development of polymer. Have a batch of seasoned technologies to support staff at the same time, use all sorts of advanced equipment to offer the product of demand of contented China client. Use all sorts of advanced equipment to offer the product of demand of contented China client..

Ba Sifu is a home the company that popularizes application of acrylic glue pink in market of Chinese waterproof coating. Regard a kind of odd constituent as housing materials, acronal? Acrylic acid can disperse again glue pink can use sexual polymer extensively at modified of waterproof coating, mortar and ceramic tile adhesive. The promotion of this product will conduce to enlarge company line of the products, farther contented building is waterproof market demand. In addition, odd constituent waterproof is used more convenient, pack and store cost also is reduced somewhat.

Exhibit during the meeting, does manager of development department of product of whole world of ministry of career of polymer of building of ministry of prose style free from parallelism of branch of headquarters of Ba Sifu Germany Dr. Ulf Dietrich make a speech what go up in his technical seminar " the acrylic glue noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch that is used at waterproof coating " intermediary? Acrylic acid can disperse again sexual polymer glue pink and relevant application technology. In the meantime, the sale technology that comes from Basifu serves group general to solve the query of the audience in the spot that exhibit a stage.
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