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Sichuan sheep is waterproof roll out efficient bleeding agent and mortar waterpr
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Sichuan sheep is in after rolling out pink of polymer felt glue, rolled out efficient bleeding agent and mortar again in succession waterproof agent two kinds of new products.

Efficient bleeding agent has good osmotic, Gao Jian gender, low volatile, can fight crack, fight decency, time of keep in storage is long, those who apply to the place such as metope of structure of of all kinds mortar, concrete and bridge, road surface, inside and outside is waterproof. To went to the lavatory the client's use, efficient bleeding agent divides into two kinds to pack especially: Suttle 20kg/4 bucket and suttle 18kg/18 bucket.

Mortar is waterproof the agent is with advanced and organic qualitative with advanced hydrogen of not saturated carbon kind material is main raw material, it is environmental protection energy-saving product, can raise the close-grained sex of the mortar after sclerosis and Tong and impermeability effectively, construction method is simple, use at subterranean project and professional and waterproof project. Waterproof agent cent is mortar general-purpose and strengthen model, client but basis from already use demand, choose to buy.

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