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Fujian Ning Dejian is versed in waterproof company product is entered collection
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Of the aggravate that competes as the market and competitive means upgrade, more and more waterproof enterprises realize two to brand strategy and science and technology innovate " edge tool " to enhancing the action of company competition ability, a few enterprises already savor brand construction and the benefit that science and technology innovates. Regard the industry of waterproof enterprise as the organization, association of industry of Chinese building waterproof carries a variety of kind actively all the time in recent years, promote company brand construction and technical innovation, if the related side awards to behave prominent business on annual meeting " quality management award " , " award of innovation of science and technology " , choose " the industry is famous brand product " , assist an enterprise to contend for achieve " well-known logo " , get " the product that avoid check " title, choose " promotion of achievement of construction ministry science and technology carries eye on the head " reach to the country such as the Olympic Games major project recommends famous brand product to wait.

Below the joint efforts of enterprise and association, up to now, the product that there already were two companies inside the industry is obtained " Chinese well-known logo " title, the product that has 18 companies is maintained to be " product of national hare check " , the product that has 24 companies is judged to be " the industry is famous brand product " , the product that has 33 companies is judged to be " " of project of promotion of fruit of defend of construction ministry science and technology. Recommend these products for conduct propaganda, this association decides, in " roofing of the 6th China International and build waterproof technology exhibition " on hold " China builds waterproof brand, achievement to exhibit " activity, use " waterproof exhibit " build " international communication collaboration, produce need to meet directly " platform, at the same time have the aid of serves " world rich " chance, make these condense business concept, wisdom and pains, the character actor straightforward, product that provides distinguishing feature each gets user, society the application with get more extensive, thorough knowledge, better, the service that makes them better " the world broads " , society of service construction, service, smoother trend international market.

This the exhibition has obtain " Chinese well-known logo " quality of product, nation avoids check product, China to build waterproof industry well-known brand product (20 strong) and obtain " science and technology of countrywide construction industry popularizes a project -- build waterproof and special technology and product " add up to more than 80, it is home builds waterproof industry product of high grade brand most couplet of concentration is exhibited. I save peaceful heart city to build those who be versed in waterproof engineering limited company is produced " cement of brilliant power card base permeate crystallization waterproof coating " selected ginseng is exhibited. This product is I save waterproof industry to be accorded with exclusively ginseng exhibit condition and selected waterproof.
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