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Major of center of engineering of prevention and cure of leakage of the building
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Be subordinate to of center of engineering of prevention and cure of leakage of the building that be the same as aid belongs to Shanghai to build technical limited company jointly with aid, administer leakage of group of the difficulty that send a gender in order to grow effect to be characteristic, have both waterproof optimize whole set of design, construction, instructor to serve; By the university that be the same as aid waterproof expert presents as leading role, directive. Company major manages the ISO9001:2 that issues through company of OQS international attestation000 quality manage system, ISO14001:2004 environments manage systematic attestation.

The company has professional and waterproof construction 2 class (highest grade) , the professional aptitude such as safe production license, have the professional construction team that stabilizes for a long time. Come more than 10 years, the company serves with the characteristic of high price for good quality, be famous in Shanghai and circumjacent province city. Finish precatory of unit of company of unit of branch of ground of house of city, region, development, property, user early or late a lot of residence group leakage of the difficulty that send a gender administers the task, and enterprise or business leakage of difficulty of main building, special project administers the unit. And the diverse demand according to the user, use tectonic and waterproof technology to make the same score roofing technique, will durable fixed number of year rises, 100 years of above, the person on adornment makes the same score tennis court of housetop of roofing, maintenance-free to wait, be built in Shanghai area and application has been popularized more than 10 years in maintenance engineering, obtain distinctive result. Get the agree of vast enterprise, user and owner.

   Major administers leakage characteristic:

1. Group processing of leakage of difficulty of the residence that send a gender.

2. Leakage of difficulty of essential industry, public construction is administered.

3. Build a project to prevent leakage to optimize design, construction, instructor.

4. The building leakage that special function asks prevents and cure

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