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Factory of Chongqing city waterproof paint produces fire to cause explosion
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Division of 10 thousand states factory of one waterproof paint produces 5 beam bridge fire. Fire department is when put out a fire, the raw material that piles up inside workshop produces combustion explosion, 3 firemen by scald, the worker inside place favour factory does not have casualties. When distributing news dispatches to the reporter, put out a fire works still afoot.

Late 6:40, detachment of fire control of division of 10 thousand states is especially diligent squadron is received call the police say, 5 beam bridge on fire of factory building of plant of one waterproof paint. When fire control officers and soldiers arrives, conflagration is burning inside workshop, soldiers give water immediately, suppress fire situation. Tell according to the worker inside the factory, there are two workers inside the workshop at that time going to work, the likelihood is weather too hot, the gas that in producing a course, uses is abrupt on fire.

Late 7:20, igneous influence is strong controlled, the raw material that piles up inside the workshop produces explosion suddenly. The bitumen scald that 3 firefighters the back of hand is splattered, officers and soldiers were removed immediately. Before long, whole workshop by conflagration embezzle.

After explosive happening, of division of 10 thousand states other in the rush to save life and property that squadron of 3 fire control also throws fire, in all 14 fire engine, officers and soldiers of more than 120 fire control is participated in come to help.

The banana oil that piles up inside workshop, bitumen, benzine combustible explode easily raw material has many pails 200. A firefighter says, around happened greatly small explode 16 times. To evening at 11 o'clock, conflagration is put out basically, fireman clears inside thorough workshop Yu Huo.

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