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4 waterproof enterprises are seleted Beijing building materials sincere letter a
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A few days ago, "2007 year of 2006 ~ Beijing industry a list of names posted up of glory of sincere letter enterprise " give heat, this is Beijing industry the first sincere letter " glorious a list of names posted up " . 59 enterprises have the honor to win name of sincere letter company, rainbow of Oriental rain of waterproof technology Inc. , Beijing builds rainbow of Beijing Oriental rain in waterproof engineering limited company, Beijing limited company of limited company of friendly housing materials, Beijing holy waterproof on a list of names posted up of 4 Beijing waterproof enterprise famous.

Building system of credit of society of modern market economy actively in whole society when, the enterprise sees the necessity that sincere letter manages adequately also, through the continuous go through the mill of the market and conformity, the sincere letter system of Beijing industry is in numerous hold to sincere letter to be this of the enterprise drive fall to already showed embryonic form. This year is to begin a trade the first year when sincere letter enterprise evaluates, the sincere letter business that starts Beijing trade evaluates the work, the purpose is to promote a trade construction of sincere letter system, stimulative industry controls oneself, establish the industry prevailing custom of honest be as good as one's word, strengthen the science management of the enterprise further. The personage inside course of study thinks, consolidate further the extremely urgent of sincere letter system of the industry, sincere letter commends is not to take a form merely, however the affirmation that to the industry sincere letter system builds and drive. Manage the strength of company team as sincere letter, not sincere letter company will be very fast be washed out by the market.

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