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Waterproof enterprise enters bitumen of the first modified of European be statio
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Since much teenager, chinese building is waterproof the problem is to make a person special a Gordian knot, especially nearly 10 years, fast and many construction of China makes waterproof issue more outstanding. Although had introduced a lot of advanced waterproof technologies, home also developed a lot of new-style waterproof, but waterproof problem is a building as before in the domain the most headachy reach most the problem that solves hard.

German power amounts to the in selling practice discovery that is in China in nearly 5 years, the waterproof product of high quality has been the product that the market is badly in need of, the development business with a lot of banner markets, investor is searching the product that can solve waterproof problem thoroughly. German power amounts to president Mr Khevenhuelle of the company to once sighed with emotion: The national capital in coming every time can make him hearten unceasingly, the high speed of Chinese construction market develops and to the absorption of new product new technology ability exceeds European country far.

German power amounts to the near future of president Mr Khevenhuelle of the company to had announced: "Power the history that amounts to a company to have 160 years, experienced the course that Europe develops quickly, what feel Chinese market likewise is tremendous, of market development speed make a person quickly fab. The building of Chinese high quality, if the country is big government of subway of space of commerce of underground of theater, Olympic, Beijing, Shanghai is none hesitant accepted power amount to a product, make me confident to Chinese market, I decide v/arc be on the throne at Shanghai with the Jiangsu of 200 kilometers saves Jiang Yin city to invest 15 million euro to build the first on the west waterproof a material production line, ran go into operation formally 2008. This is the first step that I invest in Chinese market, I expect power amount to a company to bring advanced product, advanced technology to be able to solve waterproof problem truly to the market. Power amounting to a company is adamantine to Chinese investment, and escalate, here power amount to a company to also thank all person of the same trades and competitive associate to be opposite very much power the support that amounts to a company. Thank! Thank!!

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