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New-style polyurethane is waterproof coating (the division is suitable) roll out
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Traditional and waterproof theoretical foundation is " platoon and prevent " , family suitable company breaks through traditional and waterproof concept, ably play water is in the action in waterproof coating, development gives health actor polyurethane of 930 water solidify is waterproof coating, came true truly " with water together waterproof " magical effect.

Family suitable company prepares a health actor that accords with environmental protection requirement polyurethane of 930 water solidify is waterproof coating, be in order to get together ether is multivariate alcohol and reaction of addition of ester of different cyanic acid are Duan Yi cyanic acid the macromolecule of ester radical gets together beforehand body, join plasticizer, colour filling, gas is taken off wait for the white of only group share that makes except the agent liquid, apply man-hour to add water to become solidify cross-linking agent directly, the active in coating base group and solidify of water element reaction, make the waterproof film that has balata elastomer character.

As a result of health actor 930 do not contain solvent, solid content is high, specific gravity small, with water reaction solidify becomes film, one square metre the film with 2 deep millimeter, need 2.2 kilograms to use 2.1 ~ only, dosage is little, but generous smear, construction cost is saved.

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