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Head elect floor board of waterproof heat-resisting of environmental protection
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The energy-saving environmental protection of stability of a kind of waterproof and avirulent and harmless, anticorrosive, be heated, wear well floor, the success was developed with flying group in Qingdao a few days ago and passed expert appraisal smoothly. The expert says, floor of this PVC waterproof heat-resisting accords with national industry policy and national hair to change appoint requirement, index of multinomial economy technology achieves international advanced level, market prospect is very capacious.

Introduce according to industry expert, qingdao tackles key problem through scientific research with flying group, take the lead in developing floor of waterproof heat-resisting of the environmental protection that roll out PVC and traditional floor photograph in our country than having 6 large dominant positions: It is this floor does not contain formaldehyde, without harmful gas, be helpful for healthy; 2 it is be heated stability, when laid ground is warm, be heated won't be out of shape. 3 it is waterproof and anticorrosive, be affected with damp be affected with damp of day of overcast and rainy, when pulling the land soggy, floor won't bibulous, mildew changes and craze; 4 be abroad's advanced finishing technology was used on craft, enhanced wear-resisting performance already, assured the stability of the harmonious sex of floor whole and quality again; 5 because contain,be plastic, added the part such as fiber of useless old lumber, plant again, extended use fixed number of year greatly. 6 was to pay attention to development of design and color, on the base that preserved aggrandizement floor hard usage, still had the natural face that rivals with photograph of real wood floor, extremely be like woodiness, be welcomed generally by the user.
As we have learned, qingdao is located in Shandong to save north of rubber state city to close industrial garden with flying group, cover an area of many mus 100, total floor area 60 thousand square metre, it is the large company that floor of terrestrial heat of a professional production, high-level floor board, high polymer exempts Qi Ban and capable person of all sorts of environmental protection plastic pipe.
Through poineering development of 16 years, already became Shandong to visit one of base of the biggest board, production tubal material at present. The product of the research and development of this group already fill 26 home are blank, win 38 countries patent, "Fly together " brand is judged to be Shandong famous label, level of overall science and technology is in the enterprise international precedes with the industry position.

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