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Fluorine of not easy adherent besmirch kind colophony film (big metalworking cou
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Development of big metalworking estate gave water proofing property, prevent oily and anti-fouling the normal temperature with excellent performance is dry model fluorine kind colophony film " Ftone AT-100 " , and will in April 2007 the first ten days of a month begins to sell. Can use wait for a variety of base material at metal and leather. Have besmirch to adhere to not easily, caducous new function.

The use method of AT-100 is as follows: Above all, its and stiffening agent through solvent a dilute is mixed to appropriate chroma viscosity. Use the Tu Bu such as machine of spreader of round brush, form of intaglio printing, spray and brush to come next 5 ~ 10 μ M is thick. Finally, have normal temperature again dry or bake is dry.

This film already by clean water of Dong Li family expenses implement " Torayvino " take the lead in using. Additional, still use the air mesh at indoor air conditioning to go up. If this kind of film is used on air mesh, can keep clear of easily dirt and oily be soiled.

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