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Sino-Japanese and joint-stock high-tech is waterproof construction company holds
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A few days ago, gather together by Tianjin the Ji Tian that careful fact concrete safeguards project technology limited company and Japanese Ji Tian to build industrial company limited to invest jointly gathers together (Tianjin) limited company of development of science and technology holds water in ferry. Cao Xiurong of vice-chairman of city the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference interviews Ji Tian to build group of Ji Tianya of president of industrial company limited, attend a company to establish a ceremony.

Cao Xiurong gathers together to Ji Tian the company holds water in ferry express congratulation. She hopes joint-stock both sides acts on the principle of mutual benefit win-win, rely on high-tech to specialization technology, for the urban infrastructure construction of Tianjin, for the development of field of domestic waterproof project, make due contribution.

Ji Tian gathers together company settle at area of garden of new technology industry, it is service of scientific research of a market, production, sale, technology the high-tech enterprise at an organic whole. The reactivity that the company introduces from Japan is stuck oneself model balata defends water series product, fill domestic butyl balata kind the blank of waterproof domain.

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