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Group of king of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty continued to maintain goo
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Report from our correspondent 2006, group of king of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty with reform, development, innovation perforative at whole management activity, bold exploration new field, new market, new technology, region of section of the market expands ceaselessly, service consciousness increases ceaselessly, each management activity obtains new breakthrough. In those days the group adds fixed assets newly 20 million yuan, on sales volume comparing year grow 12% , industrial production value is compared go up year of growth 15% , build install production value comparing to go up year of growth 30%% , realize new product production value 30 million yuan, profit tax amount is compared go up year of growth 8% , worker per capita rises 10% . According to not complete count, group of king of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty on domestic waterproof industry take the lead in rising abruptly, the year after year of management index is climbed litre, the development that drove domestic waterproof company progresses, formed the market join forces with waterproof huge trade.

Pan Jinyu king prevents group of water building materials to be born in beautiful and abundant Bohai Sea bay, the hinterland of distant river delta -- Liaoning visits Pan Jin town, the cropland of the 3rd lard that there is our country here -- distant river oil field, hire is lending rich and high grade bitumen resource, yu Wang emerge as the times require. Come 20 years, transition of classics of its all previous, turn make, the ablution of spring tide of reforming and opening, brilliant with each passing day, work up expands. Now oneself formed northeast of base oneself upon, consolidate southern, occupational China north, development northwest, manage the market structure of the grade separation that is a network with area, sales volume of its operation, product, market has a list of names posted up of industry of rate certain room head, it is base of the Asia's at present largest production of modified bitumen waterproof.

Orderly development just is the fastest, the development that has quality just is significant increase, the development that has a space just is boundless. Group of king of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty will is with the market rely on, it is safeguard with talent, wisdom, be dedicated to developing China to build waterproof career, build waterproof estate development to assume social responsibility to improve quality of national economy whole and our country.

Group of king of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty unites with good faith, respect course of study to go all out in work, in order to develop concept of innovation, efficient battalion of already of contemporary look forward to, capture Na Baichuan of good luck, sea. Formed production to supply the complete couple that sells with the market, built get used to fast and changeful market to serve a system, achieved the situation of management development, bouncing power. Yu Wangren exceeds constant movement and hope suddenly with force powerful force, lotic in intense market competition brave is entered, enterprise dimensions expands ceaselessly, management domain widens ceaselessly, achieve gave industry name tagvisiting card, domestic top technology. The way that the diversity that with 7 old series waterproof of bitumen of modified of more than 100 breed gives priority to develops already was rolled out in the round, satisfied a variety of requirement of waterproof market, made new contribution for our country waterproof career. (Wei Min)
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