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Development of Qingdao embellish nation goes a kind of new-style bridge waterpro
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  Development of Qingdao embellish nation goes a kind of new-style bridge waterproof coating

Intensity of a kind of ability in swimming, avirulent free from contamination, cohere is big, stretch admirable, be able to bear or endure limits of high low temperature the new-style bridge with broad, low price is waterproof coating, by limited company of building materials of chemical industry of nation of Qingdao city embellish development succeeds, check via concerning a section, technical index all achieves Q/02JEH012-2002 standard requirement.

Build the bitter fleabane break out of the career to exhibit as our country, will build a large number of crossing ceaselessly the sea, cross Jiang Daqiao, crossroads, trestle. Among them very big one part uses superposition bridge structure, although have a lot of advantages,use this kind of method, but because was not made to the reinforcing steel bar in bridge face plate,often prevent rustily, waterproof processing, endure when bridge floor move load pressure circumstance to fall repeatedly, create bridge floor extremely likely slack meeting makes reinforcing steel bar rustily, affect the safe wear of bridge. To solve this problem, municipal department uses high grade waterproof to undertake handling more, but these new-style waterproof prices are at present high, quality is uneven, suit very hard current bear build and of construction unit bear ability. For this they are below the assistance that saves traffic science institute, experiment about a hundred times through two years, successful development gives a kind of performance admirable, price is low (the price has other data 1/2 only) environmental protection of ability in swimming bridge is waterproof coating.

New product changes a tradition to manufacture technology, use high grade petroleum pitch to be base makings, it is modifier with material of balata high polymer, serve as medium with water, classics catalysis, hand in the science such as catenary, cross-linking, emulsification to craft is produced and be become. Its main good point is: The high polymer polymer that the balata place in modified bitumen forms forms successive network, and mutual and perforative cross-linking, make modified bitumen presents high polymer performance, the flexibility that balata preserves after film works, low temperature flexible, ageing resistance; Have fight shearing force strong, be able to bear or endure lukewarm, fight aspic, fight chemistry to corrode, fight crack, cold construction, fire prevention, avirulent insipidity, wait for an advantage without environmental pollution, can suit to bridge floor moves load for a long time and refuse the demand that control, the applicability to difference in temperature particularly broad, microtherm can be amounted to - 30 ℃ , can bear 160 ℃ of bitumen Tong the temperature of above.

This product is the waterproof of bridge floor ideal not only, and it is the optimal stuff that stickup and waterproof sheet has bitumen to cover with tiles.
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