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Decrease for waterproof enterprise negative beat and breathe out
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Total bureau of national tax Wu produces building waterproof oneself about taxpayer sale and offer bldg. service to collect at the same time be on the move the announcement of tax issue (duty delivers the state [2006]80 date) , how is good! It is just as one of burning hot summer cool and refreshing soaking rain, the moist our country waterproof that is in hot pot to go up produces a business.

In recent years, the environment of ministry of inside and outside that our country builds waterproof industry is very harsh, because suffer the very not normative effect that builds the market, unfair competition appears between waterproof production company, partial enterprise takes the kind of perpetrate a fraud on product quality, in order to grab shocking profit; In treat practise deception kind is taken on qualitative check, punish possibly in order to escape; On contention market share, unexpectedly debase character of key of ascendancy of other, hook in, bribe to regard main competition as the method... way is bizarre, the step is unusual, disturbed badly market environment.

Blame an elephant in the light of this kind, a man of insight inside course of study has an analysis more, end rises, basically have the following the reason of two respects:

The first, product technology content is not high, bring about industry doorsill too low. Because the building of our country is waterproof level of industry whole technology is not high, production spends relatively other industry to want centrally low a lot of, bring about a lot of places to appear the means of simple and easy production that caldron boils bitumen, tens of thousands of yuan or ten yuan can do to coil material product line, such product although requirement of short of standard, can building the control the forces of nature on the market however.

The 2nd, policy lags behind or do not deserve to cover, company load is overweight. This respect has two more outstanding problems, it is norm of waterproof engineering budget too low, the enterprise is profitless. If impose the competitive measure of small mill business, large and medium-sized waterproof enterprise contends feebly at all. Below the circumstance that shoots up in year after year of raw material price, enterprise vivosphere is smaller and smaller, have a meal not easy, more do not talk to go up accumulate with development. The 2 waterproof enterprise majority that are our country have aptitude of waterproof engineering construction, but long-term since because do not have with use produce material to undertake waterproof project contracts oneself the company pay taxes that construction photograph gets used to runs way, cause a lot of building waterproof production to hold construction company concurrently to repeat pay taxes when be engaged in waterproof engineering construction, want pay value added tax on one hand namely, want pay business tax again on the other hand. Repeat pay taxes, also make business hardship can'ts bear character.
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